New Resistance to Antibiotics and why it’s becoming a worldwide problem.

January 23, 2018 Source: Internal

Antibiotics are drugs that are used to treat and prevent bacterial infections. However, with the increasing worldwide use of them over the years, humans are now becoming immune to the beneficial effects of them. Simply put, the bacteria is now becoming resistant and is continuing to grow.

Taking a closer look, if you were to take antibiotics such as penicillin to treat diseases like an ear infection, the antibiotic would destroy most of the bacteria causing the ear infection but there would be a small number of them that survive. These few that have survived are then resistant to the antibiotic. Now the next time you develop an ear infection, the antibiotic may not be effective. .

There have been many causes linked to the development of antibiotic resistance such as the overuse of them, taking them as in directed, digesting food that may have been treated with them or even from other people, including and not limited to your healthcare professionals. .

Now the resistance to antibiotics is emerging as a new healthcare problem that offsets both financial and medical costs. Common illnesses that were being treated by antibiotics are now becoming ineffective promoting health care professionals to use less user friendly drugs or they may not have any alternatives at their disposal. .

However, there are many steps that can be taken to help prevent this new crisis and these steps must be taken immediately: .

  1. Limit the excessive use of them in treating illnesses. Patients should be given them only if they are necessary and they shouldn’t demand them from their health care professionals.
  2. Another more effective way would be to prevent infections from occurring in the first place. This includes washing your hands thoroughly or even avoiding contact with people who are sick.
  3. Ensuring your vaccinations are up to date
  4. Obtaining knowledge about what kind of foods are being treated with different kinds of antibiotics.
  5. Developing new antibiotics and tests to help tackle the issue of antibiotic resistance.

The issue of antibiotic resistance is not limited to one region but is now becoming a global problem. It impacts the health and lives of all those involved and we are all part of the solution.