Physical Activity and Injury Prevention

May 10, 2018 Source: Internal

Eat healthy! Be active! Reduce stress! We constantly hear such advice from doctors, family, and friends and rightfully so. Physical activity reduces the risk of serious illnesses and builds mental strength by reducing stress. Physical activity also builds musculoskeletal health that can reduce the risk of orthopedic injuries. However, physical activity itself can actually result in orthopedic injuries and it is important to understand strategies to lower the risk of harm.

Although engaging in any sport comes with a risk for injury, the benefits of physical activity outweigh the downsides.

Allow your body to recover! With any kind of physical activity, your muscles are under stress. Make sure to take at least one day off per week from physical activity to ensure that your body is getting the rest that it needs.

Stretch, stretch, stretch! Before engaging in physical activity, it is important to increase flexibility of your muscles to prevent injury. Incorporate stretching into your daily fitness routine and reap the benefits!

Protect yourself! Make sure to wear protective equipment such as head gears, pads, mouthpieces to prevent injury. Play hard and play safe!

Please remember to visit your healthcare provider before engaging in any physical activity. If you were recently injured because of physical activity, make sure to visit our experienced physiotherapists to manage your condition.