Tennis Elbow Prevention and Treatment

May 10, 2018 Source: |

With any physical activity, there is a risk for injury and harm. Tennis elbow, in particular, is pain and swelling in the elbow resulting from repetitive gripping activities. Some common activities that involve gripping are tennis, fencing, and weightlifting. Individuals may also suffer from tennis elbow from typing, painting, or knitting. It can affect individuals of all ages so it is important to understand prevention strategies and treatment options.

In order to protect yourself, remember to spread the load of the object throughout your shoulders and upper arm. Refrain from overly exhausting your wrists and elbows. When engaging in sports requiring repetitive movements, learn the proper technique from a mentor or coach. Furthermore, it is important to increase the musculature of your forearms to build strength and prevent injury. Our team of physiotherapists are experienced in providing you with physical exercises to build strength and prevent injury.

In the event that you are injured, treatment options often include anti-inflammatory medications, painkillers, or icing. It is important to consult the advice from a healthcare provider to see which treatment option is best suited for you. At our facility, we offer experienced orthopedic surgeons to assist in your every need.