A Healthy Diet

March 7, 2018 Source: Internal

What is a healthy diet? A healthy diet is one that either maintains or improves overall health. Choosing a variety from each of the four food groups from Canada’s Food Guide, eating the recommended amount of food according to the age, sex and activity level, and limiting the intake of foods high in sodium, fat, and sugar all constitutes to a healthy diet. The word “diet” is linked to a negative outlook on eating habits and is the opposite of a healthy diet. Diet or dieting is now thought of as completely shunning a certain food group from a person’s eating habits in the hopes of that said person to lose weight. This is not the case. Completely shunning a specific food group is depriving the body from what it needs. Carbohydrates are an excellent example of a food group that the body needs and gets most of its energy from, yet many diet magazines and websites say to cut out entirely.

However, considering quantity or balance in each of the food groups is important to remember when trying to eat healthy. For example carbohydrates do supply the body with energy and should not be cut out entirely but to intake large amounts and exert less daily can lead to weight gain. This is why making sure to check the age group and intake the appropriate amount is important and will leave the body healthier as opposed to entirely cutting out food groups. A healthy diet is part of a healthy lifestyle that helps a person physically and mentally. What an individual puts into their body is what determines if it’s going to be a healthy lifestyle and healthy life.