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  • Our clinic has conducted thousands of driver medicals for truck drivers, bus drivers, and taxi drivers in recent years.
  • Our formula of low-cost and quick-access is why drivers always visit our clinic first.
  • Walk-in today and get your driver's medical completed with no delay.

Ministry of Ontario requires drivers that are applying for commercial license (A, B, C, D, E, F or A to Z license) including driving busses, trucks and trailers to have a medical assessment done by a qualified and licensed physician.

Depending on the age of an individual, you may be required to submit a medical assessment form as frequently as every year to once every five (5) years. The ministry of Transportation Ontario when their MTO medical exam is due.

It is the patient’s responsibility to present themselves to a medical office indicating their medical exam is due.

At our clinic, we offer 7-DAYS A WEEK with extended hours drivers medical exam services.

Our Licensed and fully qualified physicians can perform:

  • Assessment and review of patient medical history
  • Urine testing
  • Vision testing to ensure drivers meet government set standards
  • Hearing test to meet MTO standards
  • Filling out of medical forms including FORM – SR-LC-080 05-02
  • Conducting any other medical tests mandated by MTO

* Hours & Price are subject to change without notice and depends on physician availability.