FREE Eye Exam

Under 20, or over the age of 65

Covered by OHIP

eye exam

Eye Exams - For Glasses


Routine eye exams, performed by an optometrist or physician for patients aged 20-65 are no longer covered by OHIP.
There is a fee of $80.00

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FREE Eye exam (for glasses) every 12 months. (for patients with the following conditions)

  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Glaucoma
  • Cataract
  • Retina disease
  • Amblyopia
  • Visual field defects
  • Corneal disease
  • Strabismus

Eye Exams for patients with following symptoms are covered by OHIP

  • Pink/Red eye
  • Trauma to the eye
  • Cataract
  • Checking pressure for glaucoma
  • Eyelid problems