The Men's Health Clinic is lead by urologists who provide the following services

  • Confidential STD/HIV Check-up & Treatment
  • Assess & Treat Erectile Dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sex-drive
  • Provide FREE Condom Samples
  • Perform Uroflometry test to assess bladder, urination and kidney problems
  • Assess patients for Hormone therapy and administer testosterone injections
  • Address Male infertility concerns including sperm and hormone analysis
  • ANNUAL Men�s health exam
  • Prostate Cancer Check-up
  • Treatment of Genital Warts
  • And many more�

7 Fun Facts About Men's Urinary Tract Health

  • Men are more likely than women to develop kidney stones (nearly twice as likely)
  • The urinary bladder can store up to 700 ml of urine in men (as opposed to 500 ml in women)
  • Urinary shivers are more common in men than women- it is not entirely known why they happen. They may happen due to a sudden drop of the blood pressure, and/or body temperature drop and/or mixed signals in your nervous system.
  • Low testosterone levels are more common in men who have type 2 diabetes, overweight and/or obesity
  • When one kidney has reduced function or is absent, the other kidney may undergo compensatory enlargement
  • Each kidney is about the size of a fist
  • An enlarged prostate does not increase your chances of developing prostate cancer