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At our Hip and Knee Rapid Access Clinic patients will be assessed by an Advanced Practice Provider who is a regulated health professional (ie. Physiotherapist, Chiropractor etc.) with additional training in orthopedic care. The Advanced Practice Provider will conduct a comprehensive standardized assessment and provide patients with education and recommendations including surgical consultation and /or non –surgical treatment options.

  • All referral for patients with moderate to severe hip or knee arthritis for consideration of hip or knee replacement are to be routed through our Hip and Knee Rapid Access Clinic.
  • Please use the new standardized referral form (Click here
  • Please fax all hip and knee referral to (905)-897-7780.
  • For referral inquiry, click here or call (905) 897 9228
  • All information on the referral form is required in addition to x-rays completed with in last three months are required. The x-ray report must be attached to the referral form. Required views are as follows:
    • Hip: AP pelvis. AP and lateral of affected hip
    • Knee: AP weight bearing bilateral knees, lateral of knee flexed at 30 degree bilateral knees, skyline view bilateral knees, PA standing flexion
    • An MRI is not required