For specific appointments or information regarding specialty clinics - CALL: 905-897-9228


GIVE THIS SIGNED REFERRAL TO YOUR PATIENT AND HAVE THEM CALL ON THE PHONE NUMBER AT THE BOTTOM OF THE REFERRAL LETTER TO BOOK AN APPOINTMENT. For same day referrals, simply phone the number and see if we can accommodate. We allot a certain number of same day referral slots every day for General Medicine, General Peds., General Surgery, General Gynecology, as well as some of the other specialties.

If you experience any problems with your referral please contact us at 905-897-9228 (Monday - Friday 9:00AM-3:30PM)

To ensure your appointment is booked correctly, follow both step 1 & step 2 below. 

Step 1: Upload or Fax (905-897-7780) Your Referral Form

If we do not receive your referral online or by fax, your appointment will not be booked.

Step 2: Wait 24 - 48 hours*. Someone from our office will call and book you an appointment.

* For an urgent appointment (same day or earlier) call: 905-897-9228

If you do not hear from us within 48 hours, please call: 905-897-8928 and we will assist you.